Monday, July 21, 2014

Ann's Blog: R is for Reading

Johan the little reader 
Pic. by Ariel
Charles & Matts Our Kids
 Pic. by Arie
We learn to read in our childhood days and at a later stage we read to learn....

Hey, What do you read?

And Why do you Read?

And What type of books you read?

And What is the ultimate purpose of your reading?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Worry Free Living" A TOXIC WEB OF "WHAT IF?"

Winning Your Family's Battle Over Worry

Worry and its fraternal twins anxiety and stress, affect our mind, body, and spirit—and can make our families miserable. In these practical pages, Cole and Rose—with contributions from leading researcher Pamela Ovwigho, PhD—help parents to identify what's bugging their families, and to clarify and sort their worries into those they can and cannot do something about. This insightful resource includes Bible-based wisdom, advice, and treatment options from a variety of psychological and medical professionals. Ideal for individual use and group study, Worry-Free Living helps you:

·        Identify the Top 10 Worry and Stress Points and plot steps toward change

·      Understand the difference between the mind (what we think) and the brain (the physical processes of chemical reactions) and how both contribute to worry.

·        Discover tools to de-stress our thinking and calm down our bodies

Reject the myth that we are in control and learn to take Jesus at His word: "Come to
me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).

The "Recap and Reflect" feature helps me to hear from God through others—and that may be the most important thing of all.
Brian Doyle, President, Iron Sharpens Iron National Men's Equipping Conferences

Great advice for every worrier in your life . . . Offers hands-on strategies on how to nurture a calmer, Christ-centered home front.
Dr. Trina Young Greer, Founder and Executive Director of Genesis Counseling Center

Worry-Free Living is outstanding, excellent in truth, well written, and highly practical.
Dr. Steve & Megan Scheibner, Founders of CharacterHealth, Creators of In My Seat: A Prlot's Story


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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Snaphix: Social Listening with NOD3x

Big brands, and indeed anyone using social media at scale, benefit greatly from social listening tools. The idea being that once you reach a certain audience size, across multiple social networks, it can become difficult to be everywhere all at once.

In today's evolving world of social activity Online, people and brands are expected to respond everywhere they are mentioned. Not only this, but brands are expected to respond appropriately. Responding appropriately means maintaining brand voice, understanding how people feel towards what they are posting etc. and doing these quickly.

NOD3x is well suited to brand listening, because it is able to collect posts from many different places across the Internet. For members of Google+, social listening is (and will always remain) free for that network. Each NOD3x project can be trained to listen for specific brand mentions. Whether those mentions take the form of a keyword or a hashtag.

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Snaphix: Social Listening with NOD3x

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