Saturday, April 19, 2014

P is for Phone: Mobile Phone (A Short Story)

Illustration by Ishaqh Mohammed (Varayidam Blog), Riyadh Saudi Arbia - 

by Manu Mottammal                              
Translated from the original Malayalam by P V Ariel
Illustration by Ishaq vp
Ishaq vp
Manu Mottammal

“Get out!” the Principal shouted.
“What is this? An Application…? Idiot! Take it and get it out of my sight”
“Where these fellows come from, just a waste of my time… scoundrels!
“Sir, what happened, what is the problem?
“Don’t you know what the problem is?”
P V Ariel
“How will I know unless you tell me Sir? 
This just angered the principal even more. He shouted again,
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Mobile Phone (A Short Story)

Can We Use The Phrase “Oh My God” In Our Conversations

Friday, April 18, 2014

N is for News! “Nose for News” Is A Vital Point in Journalism

India Today Weekly's Cover Page
One of my write-ups published
in the Malayala Manorama Daily's
Yuvatharagam (Youth Page) Page

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N is for News! “Nose for News” Is A Vital Point in Journalism

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The M-Word: Masturbation: A biblical perspective

This one’s about masturbation. You’ve been warned.
Is there a more awkward subject in all Christendom? Controversial, sure–but mostly it’s just not fun to talk about. Of all the sex issues, it’s the squirmiest.
And if we’re talking about getting God’s perspective on it, there’s just not much to go on. In the past, people have tried to translate certain verses–including, notoriously, the sin of Onan in Genesis 38:6-9–to refer to masturbation, but it’s quite a stretch. There’s no rule to scribble on a post-it note and slap on the bathroom mirror. I dig deeper. I engage the Bible.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor

L for Letters           Letters and letter 
writing is disappearing in this age!
It’s a fact that few years back we all used to send letters to our near and dear through post cards or inland letters via post office.
The main media of communication at that time was the inland letters and the post cards, of course some use envelops too.
That was really a bygone age!
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L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor