Friday, August 22, 2014

'Yahova Na Mora Laalinchenu (The Lord Yehova Heard My Prayers...) The Indian Classical Dance with Lyrics in English

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Yohoavaa naa mora laalinchenu- 
Thana mahaa dhayanu nanu nanu ganinchenu 
Aharnisala diinahiinudagu
naa -- dhu haayanedu dhvani grahinchi manipenu - "Yohoavaa"

1 Aniithi vastra medalinchenu --yae --sunaadhu raktamuna munchenu = vinuuthna
yathname -- tha nuuni yennadu --ganan vinan prae- ma naaku juupenu "Yohoavaa"

2 Vilaapamulaku cevi nicchenu -- srama -- kalaapamulaku selavicchenu = silaanagamu
pai --kilaagi nanu sukha --kalaavalul mana --suloana nilipenu "Yohoavaa"

3 Aganya paapi yani throayaka --na-nnu guurchi tana suthuni dhaachaka = theginchi mruthi ko-ppaginchi paapapu - negul dhigul sogasugaa nanacenu "Yohoavaa"

Written By:- Purushoatham Choudhary - Late
Music: Bro.Pranam Kamlakar KKrao
Album: Thrahimam

Source: Lenin Grace Ministries

Saturday, August 16, 2014

സാത്താൻ തിരക്കിലാണ്! വിശ്വാസികൾ ജാഗ്രത!! Satan Is Very Busy! Believers Beware!

Picture Credit:  Sean 

കഴിഞ്ഞ ദിവസം മെയിൽ ബോക്സിൽ കിട്ടിയ ഒരു കുറിപ്പിൻറെ 

സ്വതന്ത്ര വിവർത്തനം. അൽപ്പം മസാല അവിടവിടെ ചേർത്തു 

എന്നു മാത്രം.

മെയിലിൻറെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് വേർഷൻ ഈ കുറിപ്പിന് താഴെ 

വായിക്കുക:   (The below post is a free translation of a 

mail I just received today in my mail box. The original mail is 

posted at the bottom of this post. Author Anon).

സാത്താൻ തിരക്കിലാണ് !  വിശ്വാസികൾ ജാഗ്രത!!   സാത്താൻ 

അടുത്തിടെ തന്റെ അനുയായികളുടെ ഒരു സമ്മേളനം വിളിച്ചു 


മുഖ്യ പ്രഭാഷണത്തിൽ സാത്താൻ ഇപ്രകാരം പറഞ്ഞു.  

പ്രീയപ്പെട്ട അണികളേ, സഹജീവികളെ, നാം ഒരു വലിയ 

പ്രതിസന്ധിയിൽ അകപ്പെട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു.   

ക്രിസ്തു വിശ്വാസികളെ....

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സാത്താൻ തിരക്കിലാണ്! വിശ്വാസികൾ ജാഗ്രത!! Satan Is Very Busy! Believers Beware!

Source: Philipscom WP

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Great Alert And Few Health Tips.

Yet Another Great Alert! 

And Few Health Tips 

Dear All,
Greetings to all.
Here is a great alert I just received in my inbox.
This is indeed a great information!
Please read and pass it on to your loved ones.
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Thank you.

Dr. Vineett bhatera of the
United States has found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer. Share this message with your loved ones.
Important Health Tips: 

Answer phone calls with the left ear.

Don't take your medicine with cold water....

Don't eat heavy meals after 5 P.M

Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

Best sleeping time is from 10 P.M to 4 A.M.

Don’t lie down immediately after taking medicine or after meals.

When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone, because the radiation is 1000 times stronger. 

U.S.A. CHEMICAL Research Center Gives New Result : 

Dont Drink Tea in Plastic Cups And Don't Eat Any Food on Polythene Paper. The plastic reacts to heat and It Will Cause 52 Types of Cancers. So, This Good Message is Equal to 100 Waste SMS. Pls Forward to All whom You Love And Care.

Can you forward this to people you care about? 
I just did.

Kindness costs nothing and knowledge is power..... 

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Have a good day. :-)
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ann's Blog: R is for Reading

Johan the little reader 
Pic. by Ariel
Charles & Matts Our Kids
 Pic. by Arie
We learn to read in our childhood days and at a later stage we read to learn....

Hey, What do you read?

And Why do you Read?

And What type of books you read?

And What is the ultimate purpose of your reading?

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